Claremont Bespoke, Practice Branded Dental Plans

Bespoke, Practice Branded Dental Plans
With an eye to the future.

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Claremont Bespoke, Practice
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Claremont provides Bespoke Practice Branded Dental Plans making the life of the whole dental team so much easier and the practice more profitable.

Why is Claremont the ideal partner?

Claremont provides everything you need to either set up your own plans or change from an existing provider. 

From help with clarifying your aims to establishing the plans you want to offer to your patients, providing comprehensive team training, conversion letters, promotional material, detailed reports and fast transfer of your fees to uncompromising service that is fast reliable and highly efficient.

Our charges are added to your clinical fees so there is no impact on your revenue.

Having your own dental plans will improve your monthly cash flow and increase the value of your practice.

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"What makes Claremont stand alone is their unique and dedicated approach to customer service. To me, Claremont is the Savile Row of plan providers."