Claremont Bespoke, Practice Branded Dental Plans

Your Plans

You choose the makeup of the plans you want to offer to satisfy your patients’ clinical and cosmetic needs including

  • The number of clinical examinations each year
  • The number of hygiene treatments each year
  • The number and size of radiographs each year
  • Worldwide accident and emergency dental cover
  • A whiter teeth programme
  • Children’s plans
  • Discount for family plans
  • Discount for annually paid plans
  • Discounts for procedures not included in the chosen plan
  • Age related discounts
  • Free prescriptions
  • Out of hours service
  • Free emergency consultations
  • Priority appointments
  • Advice on oral health and hygiene
  • Oral cancer screening

Please bear in mind that as your patients come to you because they like you and trust you, they are most likely to take your advice.

If you are totally comfortable with the plans that you offer, your patents will have no hesitation in accepting your recommendation to take advantage of the many benefits they will enjoy by becoming one of your practice members.

We recommend you keep your range of plans as simple as possible; but sufficiently comprehensive to meet your patients’ needs and wants.

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"What makes Claremont stand alone is their unique and dedicated approach to customer service. To me, Claremont is the Savile Row of plan providers."