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Changing Provider

Some of the reasons to change

  • You want to promote your own brand
  • You may see your present provider as:
    • Too expensive
    • Too interfering
    • Poor or unacceptable service
    • Too autocratic
    • Too prescriptive
    • Too inflexible
    • Too slow in paying - especially annual fees
    • Insufficient help in promoting your practice
    • No new ideas

We can replicate any plans including family plans and discounted family plans


Changing is easy

  • We collect the details of your plan patients
  • We jointly agree the content of the information going to your patients
  • We mail your patients with a new Direct Debit Instruction and reply paid envelope
  • We handle the responses keeping you advised of progress
  • You advise your present plan provider of their finishing date
  • Everything carries on as normal - but better
  • You benefit from the outset
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"The flexibility and the outstanding personal service have proved to be a winning formula for me"