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  • Successfully selling monthly paid dental plans

Successfully selling monthly paid dental plans on a piecemeal basis

The Plans:

  • should be tailored to your practice
  • you must “own” the plans. To do so you must be involved in the make-up and costing of the plans.

The plans must be:

  • easy for the patient and practice team to understand
  • wholly ethical; and seen as such by the dentist, the practice team and the patient
  • beneficial for the:
    • patient – incentivise the patient to sign up there and then with a discount on the current procedure. A further incentive which should be incorporated in the plan is a discount on procedures not covered by the plan, having first of all reviewed your fee per item prices. Peace of mind will be engendered within the patient by having guaranteed access to a dentist, worldwide accident and emergency dental cover and best dental health
    • associates and the practice team – incentivise the dentists and practice team with a bonus when certain sign-up targets are met and providing the associates with an income stream even when they are away from the practice e.g. on holiday; and incentivise the rest of the practice team with a bonus when certain sign-up targets are met and provide the team with an incentive for retaining the patients
    • practice – in terms of a stable increased revenue stream, staff retention, reduced administration, improved practice value and a regular monthly income, even when the associates are on holiday; and there is no risk of losing patients as there is with a wholesale conversion
  • litmus tested – if the associates and the practice team would buy a plan, then success is assured.


The major loyalty between the patient and the practice is with you, the dentist. The patient relies on your clinical advice and will therefore be more inclined to accept your recommendation to become a practice member, rather than any other member of the practice team.

Selling the plans:

It is essential that it is the dentist who introduces the plans to the patients, saying words to the effect: “Have you considered becoming a practice member? If you decide to sign up today I can give you a discount of £xx on this treatment and you will enjoy xx% discount on any treatments not covered by your plan, be able to spread the cost of routine treatment and be covered by worldwide accident and emergency cover.” It is up to you to either “close” the sale and pass them on to the practice membership administrator to explain the intricacies, answer any questions and complete the paperwork; or pass them on to the administrator to “close” the sale. Having alternative plans and asking “which one appeals to you more?” is a classic selling close. For example building in a white teeth option can provide that option.

The rest of the practice team need to be "on board" as a disparaging look when asked by a patient “What do you think of these plans?” and the respondent either pauses, pulls a funny face, tuts or in any other way gives the impression that they are not value for money or beneficial to the patient could scupper the sign-up.

Winning ways:


  • Maintain eye contact
  • Smile
  • Introduce the plans to the patients
  • Be positive
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Talk about the benefits of being a Practice Member
  • Assume the patient is going to join
  • Always but always ask if the patient would like to join
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